Voluntary work

The Tilburg Food Bank Foundation is committed to serving over 800 households in Tilburg and the surrounding area who, for whatever reason, have run into financial difficulties and therefore can no longer buy food. We provide food that is no longer for sale but is still suitable for consumption to these households.

These households are referred to us by aid agencies and administrators. The food is provided free of charge by supermarkets and other food suppliers….

In addition to being a food bank for the municipality of Tilburg and the surrounding area, we are one of the ten national distribution centers of Food Banks Netherlands. We serve 30 food banks in the region of Noord-Brabant and Zeeland.

To keep things running smoothly, we constantly need volunteers. This can be a one-time help for a day, but preferably a day or more per week.

It involves activities such as: store assistant, assembling packages, repacking, stickering, sorting and order picking.

If you feel like it and have time, go to our website (www.tilburgsevoedselbank.nl) and look under the heading vacancies to see what we are currently looking for.

To sign up as a volunteer for a one-time day, or for regular days, please use the form below.

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