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Welcome to the website of Tilburg University Cantus! The TUC is an event that is visited every year by approximately 2800 students of Tilburg University and universities of applied sciences who have actively contributed to society in Tilburg to earn their place at the cantus. The possible contributions for this year can be found on our activities (‘activiteiten’) page, where they are presented in Dutch as well as in English. At the TUC we will celebrate all social contributions and commitments and together we will commence the new academic year! Roll up your sleeves and see you at the 16th edition of the TUC!


TUC Board 2024,

Eva, Jet, Maud, Serge, Sophie & Sophia


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Step 1: You want to attend the Tilburg University Cantus

The Tilburg University Cantus is a celebration full of singing, toasting and tradition. Upon arrival, you take a seat at a cantus table, holding a beer in your hand while enjoying live music. Alongside 2800 other students, we kick off the academic year with the cantus. The event starts with the singing of the national anthem, the Wilhelmus.


Step 2: To obtain a tickets for the TUC, you contribute to society in Tilburg

For every cantus table at the cantus, 6 people must have contributed to society in Tilburg to earn the table (which seats 10 people). How to contribute? Students can do activities that contribute to society in Tilburg throughout the entire year, but TUC organizes the so-called TUC for Tilburg to motivate many students to do an activity that day! Many associations have organized activities on TUC for Tilburg in which their members can participate. Additionally, You can sign up to one of our existing activities, which you can find on our activities page (‘activiteiten’). Here you can sign up with the number of people you wish and the date you prefer. Alternatively, you can set up your own activity. Please be aware that the activity must contribute to society in Tilburg. If you decide to do so, you must let us know about your activity by emailing it to It is important to us that your activity is of sufficient quality, therefore it is obligatory email your activity! If you do not hear back from us, your activity is sufficient to earn a table at TUC. Be sure to also upload pictures or videos on social media with #tucvoortilburg!


Step 3: Get your Tickets 

Please read the TUC rules and conditions carefully before ordering tickets. Be aware that participants must be at least 18 years old! Ticket sales for the TUC 2024 will open in July. The general terms and conditions have recently been changed. See the current terms and conditions here.


Step 4: Tilburg University Cantus 2024

After receiving your tickets, ensure that your entire table (10 people) enters together. This year, the TUC will take place on Monday, September 2nd, at Tilburg University. Further information about this event will be communicated at a later time.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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