Soccer tournament for refugees

On July 13, Serve the City Tilburg organizes an activity for the children of Ukrainian refugees in Tilburg. For this activity we are looking for volunteers who want to help us. Our plan is to organize a soccer tournament, where Dutch children will play soccer together with Ukrainian children. We also invite a Dutch elementary school to participate, so that the cultures will mix through something as universal as soccer. Following the soccer tournament there will be a picnic, where Dutch and Ukrainian snacks will be enjoyed.

Serve the City Tilburg wants to organize a nice day for the Ukrainian children and needs your help! We are looking for volunteers who, for example, want to be a referee and help with the picnic. The activity will take place in the afternoon, between 14:00 and 19:00. If you are able to help (part of) these times, please sign up!

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Soccer Tournament Serve the City

Soccer Tournament Serve the City