Voluntary work

Save the planet, plant a vine!

One hour to two hours of planting and you’ve done your part to make a better world in your own hometown of Tilburg.

Are you also worried about our planet? The heat waves and cloudbursts? The greener the city, the cooler in summer and less chance of flooding in spring and fall. Since in Tilburg there is little space between buildings for trees, you can plant a vine to grow against a building, or a lamppost, a bare wall, or…. or…think of it. Make the city greener in just an hour of guerrilla gardening and help save our planet! We are having a guerilla action April 26 at 11 am!

Interested? Sign up at TUC and then pick up your plant-a-wing kit and get started with us!

With green greetings,

Tilburg City Trees Foundation

We love trees!

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