Voluntary work

You make a difference for children and adolescents with divorced parents in the Netherlands by offering them a loving, listening ear online daily through the chat and on the Forum. Villa Pinedo guides and supports you in your role and on your way to (possibly) becoming an experience expert. By following several trainings, contact with fellow sufferers, coaching on the job by psychologists and pedagogues, the possibility of a 1-on-1 coaching session regarding your own recovery and interesting master classes on various topics to broaden your knowledge, you will develop your talents and skills in contact with others optimally. Expansion of volunteer tasks based on your talents or preferences (e.g. contact with other target groups, think of divorced parents and professionals, or blogging and online content creation) is possible. It is also a great addition to your CV and you can use your volunteer work to earn credits / free hours.

– You have divorced parents;
– You are at least 18 and maximum 25 years old;
– You are available online daily (in total about 4-6 hours per month);
– You are willing to attend multiple training sessions;
– You are available to volunteer for at least one year;
– You are willing to use your own experience around your parents’ divorce to support others;
– You enjoy meeting other experiencers in a group;
– You are empathic and communicatively strong;
– You want to use your experiences to do something positive for society;
– You are able to be in close contact with Villa Pinedo about your role and functioning as a volunteer.

– The opportunity to use your experiences to make a positive difference for children with divorced parents in the Netherlands;
– The opportunity to develop your talents and use them in multiple areas;
– Personal support from Villa Pinedo;
– Two mandatory trainings per year, lots of fun extras;
– 1-on-1 coaching if you feel the need by a professional coach;
– Master classes to broaden your knowledge (different themes);
– The chance to get in contact with other great volunteers and experts by experience;
– A nice addition to your CV!

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